Boise Cutthroats FC

About Us


Boise FC or Futbol Club stands for an organic, domestic product that is attempting to establish a professional sports franchise at the highest level of national competition, which is a huge undertaking, especially in the state of Idaho. While we call ourselves Boise FC, we chose the Cutthroat Trout as our mascot to emphasize how proud we are to represent not only Boise, but Idaho as well. Beyond that, we represent turning dreams to realities by means of hard work, dedication, trust, and loyalty. As this club flourishes it will delineate a monumental change both athletically and culturally for the state. Boise FC allows talented soccer players to showcase their potential and compete at a professional level. While this club continues to prosper, a loyal fan base will develop and strong ties to the community will always remain intact as we leave our mark in worldwide soccer.